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OK, so I am always on the search for a good natural deodorant, I have tried MANY and although they all work to some degree it is all about re-application. I hate having to lug around a deodorant with me during summer and I also feel like should not have to reapply if it is doing its job, but unfortunately it is just the nature of some of these aluminum free natural brands because they do not halt the moisture they just combat the smell, so if it is a formula that is not terribly powerful you are gonna have to keep reapplying it to refresh the power.


This stuff is freakin’ awesome! It lasts all day and keeps you smelling fresh, well maybe not exactly fresh more like not smelling at all 🙂  Although it totally rocks I must admit there are a few little cons to be aware of which are:

  • It is a little florally smelling, although it does fade.
  • The tub is a bummer, I have discovered that the easiest way to use is to buy one of those teardrop shaped makeup sponges and just smear some on with that, otherwise it gets all over your hands and under your nails 😦

I would have to say that it is one of the best natural type deodorant that I have tried. I buy mine from which is an AWESOME online resource for a lot of natural and organic products at very competitive prices and cheap shipping on small orders because you can choose to ship USPS which is sometimes only a couple of dollars! If it is your first time buying with them make sure to use this coupon code: NAH748 because it will give $5 off your first order , there is no minimum purchase so its like $5 worth of goods for free!!! Woot!

Oh I forgot to mention that Now Foods also has another deodorant that claims to be just as good and it is in stick form, I als0 purchased this one and it definitely does NOT have the staying power of the cream/tub one, it is still very good and I use it regularly in winter cause I don’t need as much power but for summer it is not a lasting product 😦

Now Foods Long Lasting Deodorant Stick
Now Foods Long Lasting Deodorant Stick