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After reading such awesome reviews on this site I decided to take the plunge and order a couple of things from the wonderful selection The Body Bakery offers. I decided to go with the Jelly Donuts scent for a hair spritzer and the Fresh Baked Bread for a whipped butter. Unfortunately these both smelled pretty disgusting and fake, with undertones of plastic (kinda like those plastic strawberry shortcake dolls used to smell!).  The Baked Bread one in particular is REALLY unappealing and overwhelming … unfortunately I cant even stomach the smell enough to try out the actual product – it might be the most moisturizing cream in the world but I will never know!

The Body Bakery Hair and Body Sprizer

The Body Bakery Hair and Body Sprizer

I am sure they have some outstanding scents as there are so many positive reviews out there about the accuracy of the scent to the real thing, and I would be soooooo willing to give them another try if there were $1 or $2 samples available – that way you cant be too bummed out when it smells like crap cause you only payed a small amount. But they recommend getting the $5 whipped butters to “try” the scents out, and I think that is pretty freakin’ expensive especially if it smells disgusting and is now an unusable product, that is $5 plus shipping down the drain … or into landfill!

I think the really disappointing thing is that they aren’t cheap if they turn out to be duds and with a no return policy that is doubly sucky! Overall I was really disappointed with my purchase and cant afford $5 a pop (plus shipping) to give them another try even though there about 20 flavors I would love to try out!

F: Scent true to name and description – ick!
A: Concept – great idea and very useful product
B: Packaging – Convenient and worked well, logo is fun but the rest of design is a little dated looking. The web site is looking GREAT after a recent update though!
D: Price – reasonable if the scent rocked but expensive because it didnt!
F: No returns