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First things first the smell of the lavender is very strong and lingers in the air for quite a while. I could not smell the chamomile, but the main smell that remains on your skin after about 10 mins is the natural shea butter smell, which is definitely an acquired taste. I dont mind it but it is a strong nutty/seedy/oily kind of smell that really lingers for a LONG time (hours) after application.

I have to admit I was disappointed with this product upon application because I read many reviews that said that it was not greasy, and boy was it greasy!!! I work on a computer all day so whenever I use a product that leaves my hands greasy my keyboard gets greasy, my mouse gets greasy …etc. BUT, that aside I have to say if you can survive the 10-15 mins it takes for that residue to go away it is well worth it, it makes your hands super soft and smooth just as promised. I am going to move this product to my beside and use it just before sleep for overnight moisturizing because I have a real problem with the oily after feel.

Cape Chamomile Lavender Organic Shea Butter

So last night I discovered that my beloved Body Shop eye makeup remover is not so good for me after all. I was searching for an eye/face makeup wipe that I could use at night because I just hate having to wash my face (cause I am lazy), when I came a across an article about how some Body Shop products are not as safe as you think. I got up and checked my beloved Camomile Eye Makeup Remover which I have been using for over 10 years now… eek!! How many freaking parabens can you cram into this thing :Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Propylparaben! As well as Sodium Laureth Sulfate – what the@#$%, why does a foaming agent need to be in there?! This is sad and disappointing 😦

Herbal Eye Make-Up Remover by Eminence

Herbal Eye Make-Up Remover by Eminence looks great from the ingredients, nothing icky in there so I am really excited about this one.  The reviews I read seemed very positive but I am a little bummed about the price, $28 is pretty hefty.

I have been using this product for about 6 months now, and am really liking it! It gets rid of water based mascara and eyeshadow that has been put on over a primer with no problem. I did notice a little residue when using waterproof mascara so if you use that exclusively this may not be the one stop product for you – I solved the problem by just using olive oil to get rid of my waterproof makeup first and then used this to get rid of the residue.

It seem like it is gonna last me about 9 months all up, and I use 1 pump at night and one in the morning, so makes it almost affordable for me, although I wish the pump dispenser (which is a super cool push down circular pump) did not release so much product, I think that I could make do with about half of what comes out 😦

I have quite dry skin and this last product sounded like a dream come true! But unfortunately it is not as great as it sounds, I guess it does moisturize but it isn’t anything fantastic, and there is zero scent which was also a disappointment becuase doesn’t it just sound delicious! I mean I don’t want to smell like a florist or bakery when I get out out of the shower but I like the idea of some yummy scent whilst I am in the shower, and this product is so flat you hardly know you are using it. The lather is quite good when used with a loofa, but overall I don’t think much of it as a good moisturizing body wash.
Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Silk & Shea Butter Shower Elixir