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These were purchased in an effort to eat high protein, low carb snacks whilst I am pregnant, but I have to say that these are pretty disappointing. With flavorings that include sun-dried tomatoes, agave nectar, apple cider vinegar, wheat-free tamari, and chile/onion/garlic powders and a price point of around $5 a bag I was expecting a pretty tasty bite! But these were quite flat flavor-wise, and absolutely no hint of barbecue?? The overall taste lends itself to more a nutty, oily, sesame one, with a hint of spice, it is very pleasant, just not super tasty. I would also like a little more “crunch” to it, they kinda just melt away as you chew, not that “snap” you would expect from something called a chip!

Kaia Foods Kale Chips - $4-$6

Kaia Foods Kale Chips - $4-$6

I give them points for nice packaging and nutritional value, but these dont help in sating chip or or other crunchy high carb snacking cravings! Sorry Kaia 😦

D: True to flavor description
B: Actual overall “not barbecue”  flavor
D: Crunchiness
D: Price
A: Thoughtful and appealing packaging