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So last night I discovered that my beloved Body Shop eye makeup remover is not so good for me after all. I was searching for an eye/face makeup wipe that I could use at night because I just hate having to wash my face (cause I am lazy), when I came a across an article about how some Body Shop products are not as safe as you think. I got up and checked my beloved Camomile Eye Makeup Remover which I have been using for over 10 years now… eek!! How many freaking parabens can you cram into this thing :Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Propylparaben! As well as Sodium Laureth Sulfate – what the@#$%, why does a foaming agent need to be in there?! This is sad and disappointing 😦

Herbal Eye Make-Up Remover by Eminence

Herbal Eye Make-Up Remover by Eminence looks great from the ingredients, nothing icky in there so I am really excited about this one.  The reviews I read seemed very positive but I am a little bummed about the price, $28 is pretty hefty.

I have been using this product for about 6 months now, and am really liking it! It gets rid of water based mascara and eyeshadow that has been put on over a primer with no problem. I did notice a little residue when using waterproof mascara so if you use that exclusively this may not be the one stop product for you – I solved the problem by just using olive oil to get rid of my waterproof makeup first and then used this to get rid of the residue.

It seem like it is gonna last me about 9 months all up, and I use 1 pump at night and one in the morning, so makes it almost affordable for me, although I wish the pump dispenser (which is a super cool push down circular pump) did not release so much product, I think that I could make do with about half of what comes out 😦


OK, so I am always on the search for a good natural deodorant, I have tried MANY and although they all work to some degree it is all about re-application. I hate having to lug around a deodorant with me during summer and I also feel like should not have to reapply if it is doing its job, but unfortunately it is just the nature of some of these aluminum free natural brands because they do not halt the moisture they just combat the smell, so if it is a formula that is not terribly powerful you are gonna have to keep reapplying it to refresh the power.


This stuff is freakin’ awesome! It lasts all day and keeps you smelling fresh, well maybe not exactly fresh more like not smelling at all 🙂  Although it totally rocks I must admit there are a few little cons to be aware of which are:

  • It is a little florally smelling, although it does fade.
  • The tub is a bummer, I have discovered that the easiest way to use is to buy one of those teardrop shaped makeup sponges and just smear some on with that, otherwise it gets all over your hands and under your nails 😦

I would have to say that it is one of the best natural type deodorant that I have tried. I buy mine from which is an AWESOME online resource for a lot of natural and organic products at very competitive prices and cheap shipping on small orders because you can choose to ship USPS which is sometimes only a couple of dollars! If it is your first time buying with them make sure to use this coupon code: NAH748 because it will give $5 off your first order , there is no minimum purchase so its like $5 worth of goods for free!!! Woot!

Oh I forgot to mention that Now Foods also has another deodorant that claims to be just as good and it is in stick form, I als0 purchased this one and it definitely does NOT have the staying power of the cream/tub one, it is still very good and I use it regularly in winter cause I don’t need as much power but for summer it is not a lasting product 😦

Now Foods Long Lasting Deodorant Stick
Now Foods Long Lasting Deodorant Stick
I have quite dry skin and this last product sounded like a dream come true! But unfortunately it is not as great as it sounds, I guess it does moisturize but it isn’t anything fantastic, and there is zero scent which was also a disappointment becuase doesn’t it just sound delicious! I mean I don’t want to smell like a florist or bakery when I get out out of the shower but I like the idea of some yummy scent whilst I am in the shower, and this product is so flat you hardly know you are using it. The lather is quite good when used with a loofa, but overall I don’t think much of it as a good moisturizing body wash.
Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Silk & Shea Butter Shower Elixir

OK, so I am really loving this Rose Hip & Red Bush African Black Soap Face Wash! It makes my face feel very cleansed and fresh with a little bit of tightness but no that itchy tight I NEED moisturizer now kinda feeling. I still definitely need a moisturizer but this is a great cleanser.

So at first glance you will be like, wholey crap that is SO tiny –  the bottle was way smaller than I had thought and for $15 bucks I instantly felt ripped off. BUT you only have to use about a dimes worth of product and it foams up quite well after a little work – the product is VERY thick and you have to be careful not to let it slip out of your hand before you can get your lather on, but once it is started it produces enough suds to spread over your entire face. The container you get comes with one of those flip lids like you get on many shampoos but for this thick product I felt like I was squeezing the bajeezus out of the bottle and it was then just sucking it back in before I could get product! So I just went to target and purchased a travel pump container – make sure it is a SMALL container, normal sized pumps will not fit the thread of the bottle – and stole out the little pump that came with it. Now I get just the right amount of product with much less work – like I said it is thick so even the pumping action is a little difficult so maybe one of those flexible travel squeeze bottles might be the way to go.

Anyhoo, this is a lovely product, I got mine straight from thier site and happened to find a  30% off coupon from RetailMeNot so make sure you check that out before you buy!

Rose Hip & Red Bush African Black Soap Face Wash